Welcome to Validex Punch Out Test Bench - Login validation & transmission

This service can be used to validate the login parameters and to initiate the transmission of the shopping cart.

IMPORTANT - This page is supposed to be accessed through a login-request from a purchasing system or this login-simulation page

Read more here on how to use this Test Bench.

1. Login Test Result

Validation of posted parameters
Must be provided!
Must be provided!
Warning - not a known PEPPOL Punch Out BIS Customization ID!
Not a proper URL!

2. Initiate Test of Transmission

A test message will be sent to the provided return-address (post url).

Transmission only enabled when a proper post_url has been provided in the login transaction.

Validation results with this service are based on technical artifacts provided by the issuing bodies of the relevant specifications. This validation service can be used at the users discretion but Midran provides no guarantee of and takes no responsibility for the results.