Welcome to Validex Punch Out Test Bench

This service can be used to test your implementation of the specification "PEPPOL Punch Out Login & Transmission Specification". The service can be used by two different type of actors - purchasing systems and webshops.

The above diagram demonstrates the following process

1. The user automatically logs into the suppliers webstore directly from his procurement systems by using the relevant login credentials. The login credentials are transmitted to the sellers webshop in the form of a http post.

2. In the webstore the user selects the items he is interested in by placing them in his shopping cart. When he has finised his selection he selects to check out. This initiates an action in the sellers webshop where the item information is compiled into a structured XML format conformant to the PEPPOL BIS18 [BIS18].

3. The structured XML information is encoded as an base 64 object and pushed to the user through a post action.

4. In the users procurement system the transferred object is decoded into an XML document and processed automatically into the procurement system as defined in PEPPOL BIS18

Test use cases

For purchasing systems

A purchasing system can use this service to:
1. Test the login transaction. Then direct the login toward this page. The posted parameters will be validated. Details on how to create a login request can be found in the specification.
2. Test the check out/transmission of the shopping cart towards the purchasing system's return service. To initiate this, the login parameters must first be provided, either through a proper jump from the purchasing system, or by using the login simulation page.

For webshops

The webshop can use the service to:
1. Test the login using this page. The parameters must be edited to point towards the webshop.

Validation results with this service are based on technical artifacts provided by the issuing bodies of the relevant specifications. This validation service can be used at the users discretion but Midran provides no guarantee of and takes no responsibility for the results.